Distributed Cognition of CCCC

I made a Popplet to capture the ecologies of CCCC.

4Cs had several perceived affordances to me:

  • Networking – Connecting and Reconnecting
  • Learning
  • Fangirling
  • Rhetorically positioning myself and my research agenda
  • Play
  • Strengthened bonds
  • Potentialities for the future
  • Fun

The conference’s interfaces afforded multiple ways for me to enact what I had perceived as WIIFM:

  • Physical spaces and subspaces
  • Virtual spaces
  • Artifacts
  • People

The conference is NONE of the things above alone. It exists in the relationship between them and the information that flows (and is transformed) among the nodes. As Gibson notes, the more complex the structure, the more it affords. CCCC is very complex, and its affordances are nearly limitless. I have detailed my own diegesis,  my own experience of the conference on my Popplet, as well as my own perceived affordances. Someone else, however, would perceive different affordances and have a very different experience, even though we all attended the same conference. There is no one conference narrative, or one way to use or modify the conference experience. It exists, and is there to be co-created by those interacting within it.


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